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New DESMODUS VERSIO Reverb/FX module from Noise Engineering back in stock restocks of RUINA distortion range, MIMETIC DIGITALIS, CLEP DIAZ, BASIMILUS, LOQUELIC, VOX DIGITALIS – you name it!

Noise Engineering Matttech Modular 18.08.20-min

Now, when Noise Engineering announce an EFFECTS module it’s time to get verrrrrry excited! About a minute into the demo video we were, like, “YES PLEASE!!!!”. As with their VCOs & drums (Loquelic Iteritas, Basimilus Iteritas Alter etc..) they don’t do things by halves and usually – in addition to covering the intended purpose and functionality of a particular design – they add in a whole host of tweaks and features that allow it to be pushed into a far wider range of sonic territory. You look at the description and it says “reverb”, but then you realise it can turn into a howling, droning textural sound bed over the course of a single knob turn. The LOQUELIC ITERITAS is exactly like this, and with DESMODUS VERSIO they have finally taken aim at the FX market….and we’re extremely impressed. In stock right now, in both BLACK & SILVER panels.

In addition, check this out: “Not only is DV a unique reverb, itโ€™s a stereo DSP platform. A simple USB connection will allow you to update DV to a variety of future effects firmwares. Open-source support will be released near the end of the year, too, which will allow you to write your own firmware!”




We now have most of the RUINAs back in stock, including the VIOL RUINA – an all-analog distortion and lowpass filter with an internal envelope follower and self-modulating cutoff. This is Noise Engineering’s very first filter, and has proved very popular.

We have also procured stock of various other Noise Engineering modules, including the CLEP DIAZ (Small and handy step CV, Random and LFO generator), SINC BUCINA (Noise Engineering’s take on a flexible lowpass gate design), MIMETIC DIGITALIS (a mash-up of the Voltage Block & Rene sequencers) and the VOX DIGITALIS (space-saving, no fuss sequencer).

Obviously, we have made sure that the two previous standouts from the range are back on the shelves: LOQUELIC ITERITAS (Digital Oscillator with 2 Inter-related VCOs) and BASIMILUS ITERITAS ALTER (Self-Contained Digital Drum Synthesizer).

Most of these are in stock in both BLACK & SILVER panels, but limited units of each…so, as always, you know what to do… ๐Ÿ˜‰