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Erica Synths v2 FUSION modules available at heavily-discounted prices! FUSION VCA v2, VCF v2 & RING MODULATOR v2 all in stock…

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 22.09.20-min

Ever fancied some warm, organic valve action in your system, but were put off by the cost? Well Erica Synths have brought out some new FUSION valve modules recently, and as a result some of their previous (v2) range are available at HUGELY discounted prices! What better to keep the chills away this winter? 🙂

As we understand it, this offer will only last until they have shifted a certain amount of stock, and then the prices will likely go back up again – so if you want one, act soon…


The FUSION modules we offer at discounted prices are:

  • FUSION VCA V2 – was £299, now £149! – Miniature pentode-based VCA, featuring: Manual VCA bias control, audio signal feedback control, Germanium diodes/tube overdrive, waveshaping, 2 input mixer & 2 overdrive flavours
  • FUSION VCF V2 – was £275, now £159! – Four pole lowpass filter designed by combining vacuum tubes and semiconductors. Each side of the double triode drives signal between 2nd & 3rd stage of the filter, while germanium diodes are used to limit the output signal.
  • FUSION RING MODULATOR v2 – was £235, now £135! – Classic design ring modulator with a Germanium diode ring & vacuum tube, to boost and shape both audio & carrier signals.