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Huge Tiptop Audio restock, including new versions of TRIGGER RIOT, FOLD, zDSP, z8000, CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS BUNDLE, 808/909 DRUMS, tons of STACKCABLES & much more!

Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 17.08.20-min

The new updated versions of the Tiptop TRIGGER RIOT have arrived! This classic Sequencer/Clock divider/Pattern Generator is now in stock in both its new WHITE & BLACK versions. Tidy.

We have also grabbed lots of the 808 & 909 drum modules in their new white faceplate versions….and a special deal on the CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS where you get a BD808 ANALOG BASS DRUM for FREE!!
(£469 for the bundle – only one available…)

In addition we have restocked virtually every other module of Tiptop’s that we offer: Z-DSP NS, FOLD PROCESSOR, MISO, VCA, FOLD, ONE, z8000, QuantiZer and one of our all-time favourite filters, the FORBIDDEN PLANET!! (all in limited quantities)

plus…we have a TON of STACKCABLES in stock, in all lengths/ colours …including the recent CYAN 40cm version.


Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 05.01.18