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Joranalogue restock just in: FILTER8, RECEIVE 2 & TRANSMIT 2 audio interfacing modules in stock, plus ADD 2, LINK 2 and more..

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 11.04.19-min

The wonderful Joranalogue FILTER 8 is back in stock! This module features 4 separate LP outputs, each with their own character. Additional simultaneous filter modes are 1-pole highpass, a special band boost and notch response, phase shifter and 4-pole bandpass.

While rooted in the legacy of classic synthesisers, Filter 8 provides a new approach to musical signal generators and modifiers: instead of simply a VCF, VCO, slew modifier or VCLFO, a single analogue module can now be any of those, and anything in between.

We are also in possession of the RECEIVE 2 and TRANSMIT 2 high end audio interfacing modules. Perfect for interfacing your modular system with the outside world in a reliable and professional manner.

We have also grabbed the handy ADD 2 (precision adder/unity mixer) and LINK 2 (precision buffered multiple) along with SWITCH 4 and SELECT 2.