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All AJH Synth modules available to order again, including new ENTROPIC DOOM, plus FIXED FILTER BANK, NEXT PHASE, MINIMOD range & many more …in Silver & Dark Editions

AJH Synth Matttech Modular 13.05.20-min

We are excited to announce that the entire range of AJH Synth modules are available to order via our website again – in both Silver and Dark Editions! This includes the 3 brand new releases – ENTROPIC DOOM, LUNAR MODULE & PRECISION VOLTAGES

There is also the full Model D-based MINIMOD system, individual MINIMOD modules…plus tons of other extremely high-quality units such as the RING SM, NEXT PHASE, FIXED FILTER BANK 914, GEMINI 2412 & WAVE SWARM!


  • ENTROPIC DOOM – An analogue “Noisillator” using a CMOS Logic Gate-based Noise Generator & Lowpass separate XOR based Ring Modulator and Cmos-gate based VCA sub modules.
  • LUNAR MODULE – The Lunar Module can re-create 1960’s and 70’s style ground-to-space / space-to-ground communications, with either live speech & audio (from an electret or dynamic microphone) or samples/recorded audio
  • PRECISION VOLTAGES – Super accurate voltage source, voltage adder or both at the same time. It has two channels, to which voltages representing Octaves and Notes can be added or subtracted.

Please see the relevant product pages – along with the many excellent videos available – for further details.