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Erica Synths PICO SYSTEM III Desktop & Eurorack versions now in stock!!

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 28.09.19-min

This new standalone semi-modular from Latvian superstars Erica Synths really came out of nowhere! It features a whole bunch of different functions – usually only available as individual modules – sharing one faceplate and PCB…with an additional unique patch storage system via plug-in cards.

It comes in 2 different versions: a fully standalone Desktop unit, with universal power supply, case & cables; and a Eurorack module version.


We have also restocked a ton of the heavily-discounted Discontinued Erica modules, such as the BLACK DUAL VCF, BLACK LFO, BLACK VC EG & EXPANDER, BLACK MODULATOR v.1, SEQUENTIAL SWITCH v.1, PICO SEQS, PICO A LOGIC & more…

PICO SYSTEM III Features (Desktop & Eurorack):

  • 2-3-4 step sequencer
  • 2x VCOs
  • VCO controller/VCA module
  • several mixers that work both with CV and audio signals
  • Modulator (syncable LFO, random CV and noise source)
  • 2x voltage controlled ASR envelope generators
  • 2x resonant lowpass gates
  • BBD delay