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New Klavis FLEXSHAPER in stock, plus restocks of QUADIGY Quad Envelope, CALTRANS, LOGICA XT & more…

Klavis Matttech Modular 27.02.20-min

Some nice new Klavis goodies have arrived, including the new FLEXSHAPER CV-controlled voltage mapper and waveshaper!

Five settings allow you to – partially or completely – fold/expand/clip/compress/invert any CV or audio signal. The module can act as an envelope-shaping tool, frequency multiplier, waveshaper, clipper, distortion, limiter, curve changer, and more. Five CV inputs offer limitless control over the placement of the voltage points for dynamic signal sculpting.

The long-anticipated QUADIGY Quad Envelope Generator from Klavis is also back in stock. This offers four 7-stage envelopes, with a focus on live performance use. We also have their recent CALTRANS – a programmable V/oct CV calibrator & transposer, with additional semitone quantizer, portamento & glissando features.

In addition, we have restocked the popular TWIN WAVES Dual VCO/LFO, MIXWITCH Mixer & Switcher and LOGICA XT Voltage-controlled Logic and Gate Processor.