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3 new Bastl Instruments modules back in stock: KOMPAS, WAVER & LOL …plus restocks of DARK MATTER, CINNAMON & more…

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 07.02.20-min

Following the success of DARK MATTER, we now have stock of the new collaboration between Bastl Instruments & Casper Electronics – WAVER, a fully analog, wave folding mixer and signal disruptor inspired by experimental mixing techniques and mind melting drones!

In addition, we have the new KOMPAS & LOL modules….along with restocks of DARK MATTER, QUATTRO FIGARO, CINNAMON, KLIK, TEA KICK & more..


  • KOMPAS – Voltage-controlled, three-coordinate probability trigger generator
  • LOL – Performative 3 channel passive mute module with latching push buttons, LED indication, and normalization between inputs. It can also be used as a switched multiple.