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Noise Engineering – Loquelic Iteritas [matttech]

Loquelic Iteritas audio demo-min



This suite of demos resulted from some rather excitable experimenting with the newly-acquired Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas VCO. I had been looking forward to this release, and it didn’t disappoint! These recordings were whizzed off extremely quickly, and no edits were made to the recordings whatsoever. All of the demos are based around the same patch, which is detailed below. For each new recording I added a couple of elements – some extra modulation, or switching to a different mode.

Mix processing was kept to a minimum, with some subtle reverb and delay used, along with some limiting and sidechain compression.


DEMO 01 – SS Mode (Fold & Morph)

For demo 01 SS mode was used (“Summation Synthesis”), and only the FOLD & MORPH parameters / CV inputs were used; the second oscillator on the Loquelic was left untouched (no Pitch nodulation).

Patch Details

1. z8000 Sequencer into LI Pitch CV input
2. The Loquelic’s Output into Oakley Classic VCA
3. A randomly-triggered 4ms PEG envelope was patched into the VCA’s Linear CV input, producing the spiky rhythmic plucks.
4. A second, softer envelope from Maths was randomly triggered and sent into the VCA’s second CV input. This envelope was also used to control the Fold on the Loquelic – via an attenuator
5. A slower cycling envelope from Maths was used to modulate the Morph parameter on the Loquelic
6. The intensity of the various modulations, along with their associated offset controls, were manipulated during the recording.


DEMO 02 – SS Mode (Fold, Morph & Modulation)

This recording used the same patch as Demo 01, with the following alterations – mainly the addition of the Modulation parameter.

1. The Modulate control of the Loquelic was manually tweaked, and a randomly-triggered Quadra envelope was sent into its CV input.
2. The level of this envelope was manually tweaked during the recording, as was the Pitch of Oscillator B, which affects the overall sound (not looked at what it does yet, but the variations in tone you get when messing with it are IMMENSE)
3. At points oscillator B produces almost chorused effect, whereas at other times – when set low in pitch – it produces nice “splattery” rhythmic LFO effects. Both are excellent


DEMO 03 – SS Mode (Fold, Morph, Modulation & Damp)

This recording was the same patch as Demo 02, with the following alteration:

1. A randomly-triggered envelope was used to control the Damp parameter on the Loquelic.
2. This parameter’s knob was also tweaked during the recording, as were all the other sound manipulation controls on the Loquelic: Morph, Fold, Modulate…and the Pitch of oscillator B


DEMO 04 – SS Mode (Fold, Morph, Modulation & Damp)

This demo used the same patch as Demo 03, but with minor tweaks, largely the following:

1. Less VCA modulation near the start – Loquelic was left to drone on more, with some sidechain compression applied via a plugin


DEMO 05 – VO (VOSIM) Mode

This demo uses the same patch as Demo 04, but with now we’re in VO (“VOSIM”) mode, and the following alterations were made:

1. I mainly concentrated on modulating the Damp parameter to begin with, as that made the sound go from thin and fizzy to bold and woody. Nice
2. As the recording progressed I experimented with bringing the other cv sources in and out.
3. I’ve also used a multiple to duplicate the main sequence into oscillator B’s 1v/oct CV input, instead of simply leaving it droning at a static pitch


DEMO 06 – PM (Phase Modulation) Mode

For the final demo (for today!) I used the same patch as Demo 05, but now we’re in PM mode (Phase Modulation)

1. Basically, bedlam broke out… and I mashed into all available parameters with gay abandon. This could literally go on all night!

Summary – this is the best VCO I’ve played with in absolutely ages. I never, at any point, had to look at the manual to figure it out – and there were very few points where I made unusably awful noises, or went down completely dead ends – which, to me, is the measure of a great module.