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Just landed! 2 new Dreadbox CHROMATIC modules: ANTIDOTE Karplus-Strong Voice & EUPHORIA Analog Phaser other modules from the range restocked

Dreadbox Matttech Modular 08.11.20

The Dreadbox CHROMATIC range of Eurorack modules has just welcomed TWO new members: ANTIDOTE & EUPHORIA….both in stock at the killer price of only £89!

  • ANTIDOTE – full Karplus-Strong synthesis voice, based around analogue Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) chips.
  • EUPHORIA – Analog 8-stage phase shifter with integrated LFO with its own dedicated output.

We have also restocked every other module in the CHROMATIC range – and with prices between £69 and £89 they could make the perfect stocking filler for Xmas! Time to start dropping some heavy hints…. 😉


Dreadbox CHROMATIC range absolutely CRAM in the features, making them no-brainers for those starting out on a budget – or even for veterans looking to add a bunch of handy features for relatively little outlay. They are all 10hp in size, so you don’t need a huge case to take advantage of them.

* NOSTALGIA – 3 stage delay with LFO
* ATAXIA – flexible dual EG/LFO
* EUDEMONIA – dual VCF + mixer & VCA
* HYSTERIA – waveshaped, quantized VCO
* DYSTOPIA – noise, bit crusher & filter
* UTOPIA – CV/audio mixer & processor

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