Posted on QUAD DRUM VOICE back in stock! Features sample playback, wavetables, digital drum modelling & much more…

VPME Matttech Modular 09.10.19-min QUAD DRUM VOICE is now back in stock! Batch 1 sold out very quickly, sooooo….

Only certain products manage to jump out from the onslaught of new releases that appear every year at Superbooth …and the QUAD DRUM VOICE from German brand was certainly one of them! It offers no less that FOUR separate drum voices in one module – each of which can be either a digitally modelled drum, a sample from a sample set, or a wavetable vco from a wavetable bank.

In addition there is an integrated stereo panning mixer with 3-band EQ and compression. Add to that 4 mute buttons, 4 internal LFOs or mod envelopes that can be synced to triggers, 4 assignable CV inputs, and a very intuitive and powerful control interface!

Also includes SD card with 20 sample sets from producers such as Richard Devine, deKaro and Instant.



  • 4 digital drum voices in a 22hp compact module
  • every voice can be a sample player, a wavetable VCO or a digital drum model
  • control of pitch, decay and sample selection per voice
  • uSD card slot, up to 1024 samples total, up to 128 samples per drum voice under CV control
  • digital models offer range of kicks, snares, hats, strings and other
    percussive sounds
  • 4 trigger inputs
  • 4 assignable CV inputs
  • 4 mute buttons and a very intuitive and powerful control interface
  • 4 internal LFOs or mod envelopes that can be synced to triggers
  • internal 4 channel mixer, 2 output channels
  • internal 3-band equalizer and compressor