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Schlappi Engineering 100 GRIT Touch Controlled Distortion now in stock! ANGLE GRINDER & INTERSTELLAR RADIO

Schlappi Engineering Matttech Modular 25.09.19-min

Some new madness has issued forth from the tortured mind of Eric Schlappi – the 100 GRIT Touch Controlled Distortion! It consists of a low pass filter, VCA, and distortion section with 8 touch points, voltage control overdrive, resonance, and frequency, along with a plethora of feedback paths allowing it to operate as a hands-on performance instrument with or without any input. Available in both Silver and Black faceplates.

We also have the following insane, multi-faceted modules in stock:

  • ANGLE GRINDER – quadrature sine wave oscillator, LFO, filter, and distortion effect.
  • INTERSTELLAR RADIO – “Destructive Transmission Line” – producing several varieties of destructive effects as well as acting as a non-volts/octave complex oscillator when no input is present.