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3 new DPW Design modules in stock: MOG D-2 4-BAND DISTORTION, SHAPE SH-1 and SWITCH SW-1 (plus rest of range restocked)

DPW Design Matttech Modular 19.08.19-min

We are excited to announce that we have THREE new modules from Swedish brand DPW Design in stock (in very limited quantities at present):

  • MOG D-2 4-BAND DISTORTION – 4 band pre-amp/overdrive/distortion Eurorack module.
  • SHAPE SH-1 – Combination of a compressor/limiter and a dynamically dependent spectral enhancer. Can also produce transient designer-like results, very “open sounding” distortion.
  • SWITCH SW-1 – Quad bidirectional switch in Eurorack format with manual or CV control over the switches. Can be used at audio rates for waveshaping.


This company has also made quite a splash with their unique take on the wavefolder concept – the MOG WF-1 – and also have a couple of other tidy products in their range: the L-1 TRIPLE LIMITER and MOG AV-1 ATTENUVERTER – all of which are back in stock.

  • MOG WF-1 & E-1 BUNDLE – Complex wavefolder with unique functionality. It can be used for audio signal manipulation or as a utility module for control voltages. Comes bundled with an expander for switching the Limiter & Distortion features on & off via voltage control.
  •  L-1 TRIPLE LIMITER – Three individual soft knee limiters in one module. Further uses include PWM, Waveshaping & Distortion
  • MOG AV-1 ATTENUVERTER – A dual attenuverter with integrated summing and comparator circuits. It can be used as a utility for control voltages or as an audio processing unit.