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Cosmotronic modules back in stock: COSMIX Stereo Mixer & DELTA-V rev2 Dual Function Generator/VCA

Cosmotronic Matttech Modular 07.09.20-min

There are a lot of new brands in the Eurorack scene these days, but certain ones definitely stand out – and Cosmotronic are one such brand. Their recent COSMIX stereo mixer has caused quite a stir, and features 8 channels (4 mono, 2 stereo) on faders, along with a pre/post Aux send, panning ….and a dual band maximizer/ drive circuit.

These have been out of stock for aaaages, and we had a lot of folk on the waitlist for these, so don’t hang about if you want one (half have gone before I could even write this)

We also loved the idea of the original incarnation of their DELTA-V dual function generator , which offered all the features commonly found in such designs – envelopes, LFOs, slew limiting etc.. – and somehow squeezed all of this into only 10hp …and even managed to include 2 integrated VCAs! The original design would likely have been a bit of a “Personal” taste – featuring whacky swirls of colours – but they have refined their aesthetic considerably with the rev.2 redesign, along with adding a new SUM output. Tidy!