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XAOC Devices restock just in – SAMARA II, ZADAR & NIN Expander, PRAGA & HRAD Expander, BATUMI, TALLIN & more..

Xaoc Devices Matttech Modular 04.05.19-min

We have just restocked the lovely XAOC range, including the brand new SAMARA II – an update which adds a whole host of signal processing options. Another new addition is the HRAD Expander for the PRAGA VC-mixer, which extends the capabilities of that module even further. We also have the ever-popular ZADAR, along with its new NIN Expander (to add 4 trigger buttons and 4 more assignable CV inputs), BATUMI quad LFO & POTI Expander – and a whole host of other gorgeous looking, sonically potent audio weaponry.


In stock from XAOC Devices:

  • PRAGA – Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixing Console
  • HRAD – Expander for their Praga voltage-controlled mixing console, adding CV control for Aux levels, master level control, gate-controlled muting, and other powerful features.
  • ZADAR – Quadruple Envelope Generator
  • NIN – Expander for the Zadar Quadruple Envelope Generator – adding 4 extra assignable CV inputs & 4 manual trigger buttons
  • TALLIN – Dual Discrete Core VC Amplifier: DC coupled, 2 Different Overdrive Flavours, and Simultaneous Linear/Exponential Voltage Control
  • TIRANA II – Expandable Utility Micro Sequencer, with Ratcheting/ Step Repetition, Gate on/off, Clock Divider, CV over Direction/Transposition/Reset & more..
  • BATUMI – Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator
  • POTI – Batumi Expander / Breakout Module
  • SEWASTOPOL II – Hi-End Audio Port and Voltage Extractor, with envelope follower, low cut, comparator, balanced output & more..