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Expert Sleepers LITTLE MIKEY Eurorack mic/line preamp now in stock …plus other restocks

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 01.05.19-min

The Little Mikey from Expert Sleepers is a mic/instrument pre-amp in an 8HP Eurorack module, providing up to 60dB of exceptionally clean gain. It will provide 48V phantom power to condenser microphones and other phantom-powered equipment, and has a high impedance input option allowing direct connection of instruments such as electric guitars.

There are other options for interfacing external equipment with modular synths, but often they are dual channel, offer features you don’t need – such as output sections with headphone preamps when all you want is the input side. The cheap ones can be poor in terms of audio quality, and the higher end ones come with a price tag to match. Little Mikey is the perfect option for anyone needing a professional grade solution for the difficult part – getting external signals INTO the modular realm in high fidelity – without breaking the budget.


We also have stock of other modules in the Expert Sleepers range, including:

  • ES-3 mk4
  • ES-5 mk3
  • ES-8
  • DISTING mk4
  • FHX-8GT
  • ESX-8GT mk3