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Joranalogue RECEIVE 2 & TRANSMIT 2 audio interfacing modules in stock, plus ADD 2, LINK 2 and other restocks

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 11.04.19-min

We are now in possession of the brand new RECEIVE 2 and TRANSMIT 2 high end audio interfacing modules from Joranalogue! These are both dual channel/ stereo designs, with all the features you could wish for, including: professional grade sockets; pristine headphone preamp; LED metering; and high quality components used throughout both designs.

Perfect for interfacing your modular system with the outside world in a reliable and professional manner.

We have also added the handy ADD 2 (precision adder/unity mixer) and LINK 2 (precision buffered multiple) to our catalogue, and topped up the rest of the range….all at great prices, due to the ongoing Brexit carnage and its – for once, slightly positive – effect on exchange rates! ­čÖé


Also in stock from Joranalogue:

  • Select 2 –┬áDual Gated Precision Control Voltage Processor
  • Mix 3 –┬áThree channel DC-coupled voltage-controlled mixer, with signal boost, optional line out setting & more..
  • Filter 8 – Multimode Filter, Phaser, VC-LFO, 8-Phase Oscillator & Slew Limiter
  • Compare 2 –┬áDual Window Comparator

Youtube playlists for modules below: