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FLASH SALE!!! Over 70 Eurorack modules temporarily reduced in price…

Matttech Modular Sale 03.04.19-min

There are some big releases coming up in Euro-land, so we’re clearing the decks a little..

Over 70 products from the following brands have been temporarily reduced in price – some substantially:

2hp, 4ms, AJH Synth, Bastl, Erica Synths, Expert Sleepers, Frequency Central, Intellijel, Make Noise, Malekko, Moffenzeef, Mutable, Noise Engineering, Pittsburgh Modular, Qu-bit, Rebel Technology, Tiptop Audio, Vintage Synth Lab, WMD, WMD/SSF & XAOC Devices

Once a certain amount of this stock has been sold – in order to free up some cash for fancy new toys! –  prices will start returning to normal.

Basically, that could be today…could be next week – that all depends on sales.

All modules are brand new, unused, and obviously come with full warranty etc..

Head on over to HERE to check out the offers on the table. A link to all sale items can also be found in the menu at the top of the page.