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Preorders now open: AJH Synth FIXED FILTER BANK 914, NEXT PHASE and SAMPLE HOLD & SLEW!

AJH Synth Matttech Modular 11.01.19

Allan Hall from AJH Synth has been busy again – cooking up some luxurious analogue loveliness for you all! There are no less than THREE brand new modules: the FIXED FILTER BANK 914, NEXT PHASE phaser and SAMPLE HOLD & SLEW.

The DARK EDITIONS of these are now up for preordering. ETAs are as follows:

  • NEXT PHASE and SAMPLE HOLD & SLEW – Late January
  • FIXED FILTER BANK 914 – Start of February

The standard “silver” (Aluminium) versions will be available in 6-8 weeks.


Allan Hall he has this time turned his hand to the venerable FIXED FILTER BANK 914 – originally found in the 1960’s Moog™ 900 series modular synthesiser system. He has made it compact enough to fit into skiff friendly Eurorack cases, and has added some other very useful features too: the bands are split alternatively to left and right channels, each having their own individual output; and there is also an inbuilt Voltage Controlled cross-fader that allows panning between the left and right banks – with a mix of all bands available in the central position. There is also a WET-DRY VC-Crossfader and an integrated FEEDBACK control which can be performed with to produce howling wails of tuned, distorted oscillation if desired!

Alongside this we have the NEXT PHASE 12 Stage Multi Tap Phaser – a development of the earlier MegaPhase 12 unit – featuring improved signal-to-noise ratio and other additional features such as independent Level Controls for Input 1 and Input 2, and a Phase “Colour” Control, which can lighten or darken the phasing effect.

The third new module is the SAMPLE HOLD & SLEW – which is a fully-featured source for random & pseudo random control voltages, staircase waveforms, deliberate aliasing of audio signals, portamento type effects, adjustable audio range noise & much more.. It features Gated Slew; Linear or Exponential Slew types; slew up only/ slew down only or slew up and down modes; Analogue Noise with a Clipped option and a Noise Colour control – both of which can drastically affect the Sample & Hold circuit; and a wide ranging Clock Generator

Please see the relevant product pages – along with DivKid’s excellent videos below – for further details.