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Erica Synths PICO VCF1 – Three Demos [matttech]

Erica Synths VCF1 Audio Demos-min



These demos show the range of tones that are available from the Erica Synths PICO VCF1, a cut-down version of the Polivoks Filter circuit. Particular attention is paid on all demos to the level feeding the filter, through tweaking of the waveform mixer’s channel levels. This allows for control over the growliness/ drive of the filter.


DEMO 01 – Filtered PWM Wave Stack

Patch Details 

1 – Several waves from an Intellijel Rubicon were layered in a mixer, and fed into the VCF1
2 – PWM was applied to the higher pulse wave
3 – An envelope and sequencer CV were combined in a Mutable Instruments Shades mixer – along with the third channel, which was used to apply an offset to the filter cutoff when desired
4 – This was fed into the filter cutoff modulation
5 – Filter cutoff and intensity of modulation were tweaked throughout…along with the channel levels on the waveform mixer

VCF1 output was recorded direct with no processing.


DEMO 02 – Squelchy Saw & Sine Sub

Patch Details 

The patch for this demo was similar to Demo 01, except that the waves were changed – with a Sine Wave used for a sub, with a Saw over the top.

As before, levels feeding the filter were tweaked, along with the modulation of the cutoff. Resonance was also tweaked into self-oscillation towards the end.

VCF1 output was recorded direct with no processing.


DEMO 03 – Gnarly Self-Oscillation

Patch Details 

For this third demo, the sequence was slowed down a lot, with self-oscillation applied throughout. The tweaking of the input levels to the filter create wildly different effects when they interact with the self-oscillation tones.

Some reverb was applied to this recording.