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New in: Qu-bit SCANNED & SYNAPSE, plus 2hp VOWEL & MMF

Qu-bit 2hp Matttech Modular 18.10.18

Some exciting new modules from Qu-bit and 2hp have just landed!

  • Qu-bit SCANNED – Organic Wavetable VCO
  • Qu-bit SYNAPSE – Crossfading Switch: with 8 inputs, 7 outputs, internal LFOs & full voltage control
  • 2hp VOWEL – Space-saving speech synthesis and formant oscillator
  • 2hp MMF – Space-saving 12db/oct Analogue Multimode Filter, with 3 Simultaneous Filter Modes and VC Frequency / Resonance


Also restocked from 2hp: FREEZ, PLUCK, ARP, DELAY, VERB & MULT