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Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 mk.2 back in stock…plus Antimatter Audio restocks: SUB RING, CROSS FOLD & LAUNCH CODES in black!

Darkplace Matttech Modular 22.08.18

We have finally managed to restock the wonderfully characterful Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 mk.2. This is a vintage voiced dual analogue filter, based on the Mini-Korg Traveler circuit, but with many enhancements for the Eurorack modular format.


Also restocked: Antimatter Audio SUB RING, CROSS FOLD & LAUNCH CODES in new black panel version!

  • SUB RING – this allows you to input a simple synth wave, drive it, and produce several suboctaves from it. These are all mixed in a mixer channel, along with onboard noise and ring modulation. The mixer’s channels can all be used with external sources instead if desired. An ultra-obvious idea when you think about it. Brain Seed on order and coming next!
  • LAUNCH CODES – Compact 5-channel Trigger/Gate Performance Controller & SequencerIt can be used for manual or sequenced triggering & gating – for up to five simultaneous events.
  • CROSS FOLD – High quality, compact, 8-stage, dual voltage-controlled crossfader and analog wavefolder/waveshaper