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2hp delivery just in, including NEW VCO, LFO v.2 , RND v.2 & PLUCK …plus QU-BIT modules in alternative faceplates

Another HUUUGE box of lovely 2hp goodness has arrived – including PLUCK, their take on physical modelling – plus some exciting revamps of their initial releases: LFO, RND & VCO (previously OSC).

We have also restocked pretty much ALL of their other products – including the full range of drums: KICK, SNARE & HAT

THE UPDATES (All cheaper than before, and with added features):

  • VCO – This is the much anticipated replacement for the OSC. It is a CEM3340 based analog oscillator with FM, hard sync, and PWM. V/Oct tracking across 10 octaves – £110
  • LFO v.2 – New layout, twice the functionality, and price reduction. A dedicated output for the secondary waveforms has been added, higher quality DAC on the outputs, and increased the rate range – £84
  • RND v.2 – New layout, new types of random, and price reduction. A smooth random voltage output has been added, revamped the random gate generation, and increased the DAC resolution on the random outputs. 


QU-BIT – Alternative Faceplate Versions

As an experiment we have sourced some Qu-Bit modules in alternative faceplates! The following are in stock now, in very limited quantities:

  • PULSAR – SilverFaceplate
  • CONTOUR- Black Faceplate
  • EON- Black Faceplate
  • CHANCE – Black Faceplate