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Back in stock: Future Retro TRANSIENT PLUS – Insane Sample-based Drum Synthesis Module revamped!

Future Retro Matttech Modular 17.03.18

Well this is one module that certainly got us excited when we first saw it! The Future Retro Transient is a sample based drum module with a huge library of samples, internal 16-bit processing and a 12 bit DAC to impart vintage character. It has now been revamped as TRANSIENT PLUS, and a lot of user requests have been responded to!


New Features in Transient Plus include:

  • Up to 256 User Instruments can be stored and loaded from the microSD card, and the Transient Plus will come loaded with the original factory instruments to get you going right out of the box, and to help you learn how to achieve certain results.
  • Instruments can now be named, as well as backed up to a computer.
  • Up to 600 individual User samples (16 MB max total) can be loaded into the Transient Plus using the microSD card.
  • Additional factory sound sets can also be purchased and installed in your Transient Plus, or users are free to create their own custom sound sets.
  • The Transient Plus now allows changing the playback speed of samples from +1 to -5 octaves from the original recorded pitch. Playback speed can be modulated by numerous modulation sources. Ring modulation can also be applied to alter the perceived pitch and harmonics of a sound.
  • The Transient Plus also adds a new Sequential mod source that can be used to step through sample waveforms automatically, and is just the thing to recreate sliced audio loops.
  • No requirement for +5v power

More than just a sample playback module, the Transient really is a well featured drum voice synthesizer, including two sample voices, loads of AM/Ring/Sample/CV modulation possibilities, voice crossfader, mixers, dynamics and multimode filter sections, and even digital effects. The drum sounds can even be triggered by external audio triggers…and even by external oscillators at audio rates.

Examples of the original Transient can be found in the video playlist below
(lots more examples on the Future Retro Youtube Channel HERE)