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Discontinued Erica Synths modules DISCOUNT SALE back on! Only while stocks last..and all AT LEAST 40% discount :)

We are again taking orders for the large range of Erica Synths modules which are being discontinued.

You really HAVE to check these deals out – all around 40-50% price drop! They seemed SOooo insane, and almost TOO good to be true, that I had to double, triple & quadruple-check them with Erica Synths before putting them up for sale!

…and I can confirm: they ARE correct 🙂



These are brand new, unused modules which are simply being discontinued….so we are essentially helping Erica clear their shelves – presumably freeing up valuable space, cash & manufacturing lines in readiness for the swathe of new products Erica have planned for 2018 & beyond…including the upcoming DRUM SYSTEM 😉

You can order these discounted modules on the site right now.

  • The first batch of this discounted stock has just shipped out.
  • Batch 2 will be here MID JULY
  • Batch 3 be here LATE JULY
  • The next batch will be here MID AUGUST

We will continue to list them for as long as there is stock available with our suppliers.