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Expert Sleepers DISTING mk.4 back in stock, plus restocks including ES-5, ES-6, ES-8 & more..

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 24.03.17

After a long absence, the much-anticipated DISTING mk.4 is back in stock! Grab ’em while you can…. 😉

ALSO IN STOCK: ES-6 mk.2, ES-8, ES-5 mk.3, DISTING mk.4 MIDI BREAKOUT, ESX-8GT mk.3, FHX-1


Latest firmware (released 24/04/18) adds the following features & tweaks:

  • Added the Delayed LFO algorithm.
  • Added the Scaled LFO algorithm.
  • Added the Gate algorithm.
  • Turning the S encoder while holding it in now selects the current parameter; it no longer changes algorithm.
  • Added Multiplier & Pan parameters to the Clockable Ping Pong (Z feedback) algorithm and Multiplier & Out Mode parameters to the Clockable Ping Pong (Z input pan) algorithm.
  • Added Multiplier & individual output attenuverter parameters to the Clockable AD Envelope algorithms.
  • All envelope attenuverter parameters now use the range ±32.
  • Added an output mode parameter to the Clockable Delay/Echo and Tape Delay algorithms.
  • Added coarse and fine control over tape length (effectively delay time), calibrated in milliseconds, to the Tape Delay algorithm.
  • Increased the range of the Offset parameter in the CV/MIDI Algorithm.
  • Added DC-blocking filters to the input(s) of the Reverb algorithms.
  • The MIDI Clock algorithm now stops generating clocks if it receives a MIDI Clock Stop message but MIDI Clock messages continue to arrive.
  • Added a MIDI CC to restore control of Z to the knob/CV, if it had been previously taken over by MIDI.
  • Improved performance of the Dual Audio Playback algorithms.
  • Preset 0 now saves the selected favourite (O1-P8) algorithm if used, rather than the actual algorithm that the favourite refers to.
  • Fixed a crash in the Linear/ Exponential Converter algorithm when Z was at the negative end of its range.