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Preorders now open: Qu-Bit NEBULAE v.2 granular stereo sampler, ETA: mid-May!

Qu-Bit Matttech Modular 24.04.18

Nebulae is a stereo granular sampler, and an update to Qu-Bit’s popular Nebulae module.

Features include:

  • File playback from USB flash drive of wav, aif, ogg, and flac files
  • Stereo ins/outs
  • Live audio input with 5 minute recording buffer
  • Supports Pure Data, Csound, and SuperCollider alternate firmware files


Other details (Courtesy of Gearnews –

Correct as of NAMM 2018 – may be subject to slight changes):

“The first new feature is a live audio input with stereo inputs and outputs. The granular and audio engine has been upgraded and improved over the original. They’ve added grain overlap and a new function called “Window”. Lots of enjoyable sample style messing about with independent pitch and speed controls. The big knob encoders in the middle can be tapped in order to toggle between normal speed, edited speed and reverse – same deal with the pitch knob. The pitch can go 2 octaves higher and 3 octaves below the original pitch of the source material. There’s a pulse output that triggers at the end of each loop and a reset input for bringing control in from outside.

Beneath all that is the granular section with Blend, Density and Overlap controls. Density dictates the number of grains while Overlap sets the width. The “Window” controls the envelope applied to each grain as it moves through the “Window”.