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AJH Synth FINALISER R-EQ in stock – in Silver & Dark Editions – plus other restocks

AJH Synth Matttech Modular 21.03.18

A new product from AJH Synth has just landed – the¬†FINALISER R-EQ….in Silver and Dark Editions

This is designed to add that sprinkle of class to your modular patches, and comprises the following elements:

  • Four band parametric EQ
  • 2 band (Hi/Low) exciter/maximizer circuit
  • Vintage stereo DSP-based reverb

Also restocked, the GEMINI 2412 DUAL SVF (SEM-based dual filter) – this time in Silver edition, which looks very nice.

Also in stock – RING SM, SONIC XV, and various MINIMOD modules, including the VCO and VCF in both Silver & Dark Editions.