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Big XAOC Devices restock just in, including BATUMI, TALLIN, PRAGA, BELGRAD, SEWASTOPOL II & more..

Another batch of Eastern European Eurorack has arrived, courtesy of XAOC Devices from Poland. This time round we have added the brand new updated SEWASTOPOL II audio interface, plus the SAMARA waveform processor. Video demos for all modules can now be found on the relevant product pages.


  • A multifunction eurorack module designed for easy interfacing of external gear to your modular environment. It can export line and professional level audio, import audio from instruments and electroacoustic transducers, and analyze the incoming audio to generate voltages and triggers to control your modular system.
  • This is a second, vastly improved revision to the original 2014 Sewastopol, featuring a completely redesigned preamplifier circuit, better ergonomics and various other improvements.
  • This edition of Sewastopol ships with a universal solid-state preamplifier model “877ЛПМБ”, based on a symmetric JFET input stage and a very low noise operational amplifier. This preamp model is our best effort to achieve very high input impedance and gain while keeping noise at a minimum level. Additional preamp models may be available in the future.


Full list is as follows:

  • SAMARA – Utility Waveform Processor – 4 channels of mixing, attenuation, offset generation, adders, mini/max & more..
  • TALLIN – Dual Discrete Core VC Amplifier: DC coupled, 2 Different Overdrive Flavours, and Simultaneous Linear/Exponential Voltage Control
  • TIRANA II – Expandable Utility Micro Sequencer, with Ratcheting/ Step Repetition, Gate on/off, Clock Divider, CV over Direction/Transposition/Reset & more..
  • BATUMI – Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator
  • POTI – Batumi Expander / Breakout Module
  • BELGRAD – Dual Peak Multimode State Variable Filter
  • PRAGA – Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixing Console
  • KAMIENIEC – Analogue Resonant Phase Rotator