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NEW! 2hp Drum Modules: KICK, SNARE & HAT in stock now

THREE brand new modules from 2hp have dropped – and this time it’s drum modules which have been cleverly squeezed into that diminutive 2hp frame! In stock right now 😉

We have also restocked the Qu-bit EON, PULSAR & CHANCE…along with a number of other 2hp modules: VERB, ARP, FREEZ, TUNE, MIX & more..


  • KICK – It’s a bass drum synthesizer with a dramatic timbral range. It can go from 808 to IDM with punchy kicks and smooth distorted tones. It tracks 1v/oct over 5 octaves and allows for tonal sequencer of the entire frequency range. CV control over tone and decay.
  • SNARE – It will take you from short blips to 909 hits and everywhere in between. It’s a powerful sound design tool that combines CV control over snap and decay to very interesting effect. 1v/oct pitch tracking offers percussive melodies with atypical timbres, while “Snap” plays with the texture of the metaphorical membrane.
  • HAT – This hi-hat has a wild side. Sounds ranging from robotic to metallic. Inside there are three unique sound sources made up of 6 oscillators, a noise generator and a number of filters. Sizzle affects each source independently allowing for a broad range of sounds. Separate trigger inputs for open and closed hi-hat make for a very complete little module.