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1010music TOOLBOX in stock, plus restocks: BITBOX, FXBOX & more..

1010music Matttech Modular 23.01.18

We are please to announce that we have restocked the 1010music range, including the brand-new TOOLBOX – a multi-purpose Sequencer & Function Generator Module

We have also have limited quantities of BITBOX and FXBOX – in addition to the MX4 BUFFERED MIDI MULTIPLE and MIDI to 3.5mm ADAPTER CABLES

Also just announced: 1010music just released a beta of the BITBOX 2.0 firmware with some great new features! Check it out at Firmware upgrades are free for registered users of the forum.




  • 4 Rhythm Sequencers
    • 1-32 steps
    • Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars
    • Available internally and through dedicated gate outputs
    • Can trigger the Note sequencers
  • 4 Polyphonic Note Sequencers, each with the following independent controls
    • 1-32 steps
    • Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars
    • Note duration for all events
    • MIDI channel
    • MIDI Port
    • Clock source (internal, external, & rhythm sequencers)
    • Transposition in semitones with option to quantize to scale
  • Piano Roll editing with fast, touch screen interface
  • Sequencer Output via dedicated CV+Gate output and MIDI
  • Clock source selectable via internal, external, & rhythm sequencers
  • 4 Function Generators
    • 3 LFOs with standard waveforms
    • 1 Bar CV sequencer
    • Free running or synchronized to the master beat clock
  • MIDI
    • Input serves as source for recording sequences live or via step entry
    • Outputs transmit gate and control signals to other devices
  • CV inputs
    • Serve as clock sources for gate and note sequencers
    • Can be used as modulators for sequence step count, step length, transposition, etc.

Series 2 Module Firmware Switching:

Toolbox is 1010music’s first Series 2 module, which is a different hardware platform from Series 1 (bitbox, fxbox, and synthbox). You can download any future updates simply by signing up at, downloading the new firmware and following the instructions on the forum.