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Shakmat Modular range restock: FOUR BRICKS ROOK, TIME WIZARD & KNIGHT’S GALLOP

Shakmat Modular Matttech Modular 06.09.17

We have just restocked the entire range of Shakmat Modular products, in factory assembled format. This includes the brand-new FOUR BRICKS ROOK, an exciting new way to record and play back rhythmic material within your modular system.


  • Bishop’s Miscellany – Dual Stepped CV/Gate Recorder, with Randomization & Flexible Voltage Control – BUNDLED WITH v1.2 AND v2.0 FIRMWARE!!
  • Knight’s Gallop – Dual Trigger Generator Providing Rhythmic Sequences According to Tables and Modes
  • Time Wizard – Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions
  • Four Bricks Rook – Quad Trigger Sequencer, with Input Pads, Fill Randomizer, Pattern Store/Recall, CV-Addressable Memory, Quantized or Non-Quantized Operation