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Audio Damage – Boomtschak: Overview [chris randall]


In this video, Chris Randall takes us through the features of the new Audio Damage BOOMTSCHAK drum synthesis module. This is a 100% analogue beast, and is capable of amazing kicks, snares, hats, and all sorts of bonkers sounds in between.

Ben “DivKid” Wilson and I spent a nice afternoon playing with this recently, and found it to be extremely hefty! While it can create crazy, FM’d tones…they never got harsh or overly aggressive – and some amazingly deep kick / bassline hybrids can be coaxed out of it.

The external input into the filter turns the right hand side into a synth voice, with a multimode filter, VCA and the ability to use two separate envelopes for filter and VCA. The filter can also be modulated by other sources – for example, the VCO found on the left hand side. As with most of the parameters, external modulation sources can also be patched in if desired