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Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 mk2 in stock, plus AWM-3 WAVEFOLD MIXER & other restocks

Vintage Synth Lab Matttech Modular 25.10.17

We finally have more stock of the lovely¬†Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 dual diode filter – now in “mk.2” form.

  • VCF-74 – Vintage voiced dual analogue filter, based on the Mini-Korg Traveler circuit, but with many enhancements for the Eurorack modular format.
    • The audio signal path will have slightly improved lower frequency response as a result of component value changes
    • The audio signal path will now use fewer coupling capacitors (more direct-coupled circuits means better overall performance including less slewing)

We also have the AWM-3 ANALOG WAVEFOLD MIXER – a unit for patching complex combinations of wavefolding, waveshaping, drive, compression, matrix mixing & more..


We have also restocked the Malekko NOISE, along with the Antimatter Audio LAUNCH CODES and SUB RING