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Synthesis Technology e330 MULTIMODE VCO back e355 MORPHING DUAL LFO

Synthesis Technology Matttech Modular 04.05.17

We are happy to report that a restock of the tidy e330 MULTIMODE VCO from Synthesis Technology has landed…along with a new addition to our range, the e355 MORPHING DUAL LFO!

The e330 offers three modes of operation in one affordable package: 2 operator FM, Morphing Wavetables based on the e350 and Cloud Generation taken from the e340. If you can’t afford the upcoming e370 this is the one for you!

Also in stock – the classic e355 MORPHING DUAL LFO: this is a dual digital wavetable VCO, with three banks of waves, a Freeze input, FM, three modes of cross-modulation between the two LFOs, and the ability to run at audio rates (up to 4khz)