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Malekko restock just in, including new QUAD GATE DELAY, VOLTAGE BLOCK, VARIGATE 8+ & MIX 4

Malekko Matttech Modular 09.10.17

Some more Malekko modules have just arrived, including the brand new QUAD GATE DELAY, and a few more VOLTAGE BLOCKS and VARIGATE 8+ to keep us going. We also have more of the little MIX 4 mixers.

  • QUAD GATE DELAY – 4 Channel Logic/ Gate Delay & Tempo-Synced Rhythm Generator, with CV Control

Also in the same delivery – the brand new Moffenzeef Modular MITO playable trigger sequencer! More on that soon..


  • Antimatter Audio AUDIO LAUNCH CODES – Multifunctional VCO Expander / Mixer Strip, featuring Analogue Suboctave, Ring Mod & Noise Generation
  • Antimatter Audio SUB RING – Compact 5-channel Trigger/Gate Performance Controller & Sequencer