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NEW IN: Rebel Technology GONIES, MIX 03, MIX 04 & TONIC

Rebel Technology Matttech Modular 14.09.17

We have a selection of brand-new product from UK manufacturer Rebel Technology in stock. Only very limited stock of these at present but more will be following soon!

  • TONIC – Unique Additive Sequencer, for Turning Triggers into Melodies
  • GONIES – Dual Tempo-Scaled Envelope/LFO Generator with CV Control, Adjustable Shape, and 3 Modes: Trigger, Gate and Cycle.
  • MIX 03 – Expandable 4 in / out Mixer with Transparent Sound & Dedicated Headphone Output
  • MIX 02 – Expandable 4 in / 2 out Panning Mixer with Dedicated Headphone Output (EDIT: SOLD OUT!!)
  • MIX 04 – Expandable 4 in / 4 out VCA Matrix with a total of 16 Transparent Blackmer VCAs


  • PHOREO – Triple Function Processor for Triggers, Gates & Clocks: Pulse Width Modulation, Multiplication and Repetition/ Burst Generation
  • KLASMATA – Single Channel Euclidian Trigger Sequencer, with full Voltage Control
  • LOGOI – Voltage Controlled Clock Divider, Counter, and Delay for creating Rhythmic Interest