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Shakmat Modular range now in stock! including new FOUR BRICKS ROOK

Shakmat Modular Matttech Modular 06.09.17

We are very excited to announce that we are now stocking the entire range of Shakmat Modular products, in factory assembled format. This includes the brand-new FOUR BRICKS ROOK, an exciting new way to record and play back rhythmic material within your modular system.

Please note: some of these products are in extremely limited quantities in this initial batch.


  • Bishop’s Miscellany – Dual Stepped CV/Gate Recorder, with Randomization & Flexible Voltage Control
  • Knight’s Gallop – Dual Trigger Generator Providing Rhythmic Sequences According to Tables and Modes
  • Time Wizard – Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions
  • Four Bricks Rook – Quad Trigger Sequencer, with Input Pads, Fill Randomizer, Pattern Store/Recall, CV-Addressable Memory, Quantized or Non-Quantized Operation