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Alright Devices CHRONOBLOB Clockable Delay Back in Stock!

Alright Devices Matttech Modular 14.03.17

Alright! – Alright Devices’ highly sought-after¬†Chronoblob delay is now back in stock¬†at Matttech Modular. It is a clockable (tempo-synced) digital delay in Eurorack Modular form, with a wide range of tones, and a host of tidy features:

  • Tempo Sync, with division / multiplication of clocked delay times
  • OTA-based Analogue feedback path, with send & return patch-points
  • 2 different delay modes (resampling, similar to tape/BBD – and crossfading)
  • Hold input, for applying a gate to freeze the delay buffer
  • CV inputs for delay time (with attenuverter) and feedback
  • Dry / Wet mix control
  • Overload LED
  • Audio firmware updates
  • Faceplate design by Papernoise (Mutable Instruments, Hex Inverter, etc..)

Check the MANUAL for full details.

These tend to sell out pretty quickly