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ANTS! Semi-modular Synth from Plankton Electronics now in stock!

Plankton Electronics Matttech Modular 17.05.17

ANTS! is finally here 🙂 Designed by Spanish Eurorack manufacturers Plankton Electronics, ANTS! was born out of an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, with funding over and above the original target achieved. This meant that various “stretch goals” were reached, and this semi-modular synth’s already comprehensive feature set has been enhanced even further.

Never before has such a HUGE number of oscillators and modulation sources been squeezed into a product of this nature, and at a very reasonable price-point. I mean, for starters: when was the last time you heard of an analogue synth for under ÂŁ500 with 2 LFOs, 2 Envelopes…and FOUR VCOs?

Also features Multimode VCF, Sample & Hold, Noise, 2 VCAs, MIDI-CV, Logic, Mixing..