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Rossum restock: MORPHEUS, CONTROL FORGE and brand new SATELLITE !

Rossum Matttech Modular 26.06.17

Another large box of Rossum Electro-Music goodies has arrived – including limited stock of the brand new SATELLITE module!

We also have the full range now back in stock:

  • MORPHEUS – Stereo Morphing Z-Plane Digital Filter Module
  • CONTROL FORGE – Programmable Universal CV Generator
  • EVOLUTION – Fully-Featured Variable Character Ladder Filter



  • Satellite is a compact 12HP module that can be loaded with all (or a subset) of the presets and preset sequences from a Rossum Electro-Music Control Forge or other Satellite and then function as a completely stand-alone CV generator.
  • Presets and preset sequences can be transferred from the other module (via a patch cord connection), and can also be loaded via audio file archives that have been saved from a Control Forge or Satellite. And since those files can be posted online and downloaded, it’s a great way to share and exchange presets.
  • Once the presets and preset sequences are transferred from the other module (via a patch cord connection), Satellite no longer requires any connection to the module.
  • Multiple Satellites can be programmed from the same Control Forge and synced together via their Gate inputs to create complex polyphonic sequences and modulation contours.