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Klavis TWIN WAVES & LOGICA GATER now in stock!

Klavis Matttech Modular 20.06.17

We have added another new brand to our roster at Matttech Modular – Klavis. Their TWIN WAVES dual VCO module has been creating quite a stir in the modular community, offering nine different synthesis algorithms. It can also be used as an LFO featuring some really interesting shapes and options.

Synthesis Algorithms are:

  • Wave shaping
  • Phase modulation
  • Phase positioning of multiple waves
  • 5 stacked oscillators in tunable unison
  • Self-sync with phantom oscillator
  • Additive synthesis (7 waves)
  • Variable bit reduction (bit-crushing)
  • Ring modulator with its own 2nd oscillator
  • Noise with LPF, BPF, or resonant filter

We also have limited stock of the LOGICA GATER – a comprehensive logic module, with voltage control over ┬álogic type and a unique Gater function.