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2hp FREEZ Beat Repeat/ Glitch Module in stock! …plus 2hp & Qu-Bit restocks

2hp Matttech Modular 20.06.17

There has been a lot of chat about this module online, and we are pleased to announce that the 2HP FREEZ is finally in stock! This module offers Audio Stutter/Beat Repeat/Glitch effects, with voltage control and an integrated bit crusher.

We have also restocked the following modules from 2HP: FILT, DIV, MULT, SEQ, TUNE, VCA, BRST, CLK, VERB, & MIDI (most of the rest of the range also in stock)

…And the following modules from Qu-bit: EON, CHANCE (also in stock: MIXOLOGY, RHYTHM, CHORD, OCTONE, CONTOUR)