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FLASH SALE!! Audio Damage, Hex Inverter, Noise Engineering, Rebel Technology, Malekko, Tiptop & more

Matttech Sale

A selection of modules from the following brands have been temporarily reduced in price – some substantially:

Audio Damage, Hex Inverter, Erica Synths, Rossum Electro-Music, Make Noise, Noise Engineering, Rebel Technology, Frequency Central, Malekko, Tiptop Audio, Studio Electronics, Sputnik Modular, Future Sound Systems, Soulsby…

Once a certain amount of this stock has been sold – in order to free up some cash for fancy new toys! –  prices will start returning to normal. Basically, that could be today…could be next week – depends on sales.

All modules are brand new, unused, and obviously come with full warranty etc..

Head on over to HERE to check out the offers on the table. A link to all sale items can also be found in the menu at the top of the page.