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NEW Studio Electronics modules: TONESTAR 8106, 8106 FILTER & SLIM-O QUADNIC v2 & STE.16 restocks

Studio Electronics Matttech Modular 28.04.17

Some modules just ooze sex appeal! The new TONESTAR 8106 is one of those, along with its 8106 FILTER companion. Building on the success of the TONESTAR 2600, with its ARP 2600-influenced design, the 8106 instead draws inspiration from the Roland synthesizers in the JUNO/JUPITER range. It uses the venerable IR3109 chip module, found in the following: SH101, MC202, JUPITER 4/6/8, JUNO 6/60/106, JX3p, MKS30 & PROMARS. You can’t argue with THAT lineage!

Also in stock, the brand-new SLIM-O vintage-voiced compact VCO, based on the popular BOOMSTAR OSCILLATION module, and drawing on inspiration from the Moog Model D Minimoog – along with classic ARP, Oberheim and designs. This VCO builds upon Studio Electronics’ many years of standalone high-end synthesizer design, and is a great way to add some beefy vintage-voiced analogue heft into your system…without breaking the bank, using up a ton of space, or having to sacrifice tracking accuracy.


  • QUADNIC v2 (v2 firmware revision of this super-flexible quad digital VCO with multiple synthesis modes).
  • STE.16 (dual LFO with a myriad of shapes & cross modulation options – also runs at audio rates as a lo-fi dual digital VCO!).