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Synthesis Technology e330 MULTIMODE VCO back e355 MORPHING DUAL LFO

Synthesis Technology Matttech Modular 04.05.17

We are happy to report that a restock of the tidy e330 MULTIMODE VCO from Synthesis Technology has landed…along with a new addition to our range, the e355 MORPHING DUAL LFO!

The e330 offers three modes of operation in one affordable package: 2 operator FM, Morphing Wavetables based on the e350 and Cloud Generation taken from the e340. If you can’t afford the upcoming e370 this is the one for you!

Also added – the classic e355 MORPHING DUAL LFO: this is a dual digital wavetable VCO, with three banks of waves, a Freeze input, FM, three modes of cross-modulation between the two LFOs, and the ability to run at audio rates (up to 4khz)