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Studio Electronics STE.16 – Dual Audio Rate VCO [matttech]



This demo shows how the Studio Electronics STE.16 dual LFO can be pressed into use as a dual digital lo-fi oscillator, with someĀ outstanding results. This little beauty is getting overlooked in my opinion, boasting a stellar array of features as an LFO…and can also be employed as a damn decent DUAL vco. The onboard modulation between the two oscillators yields some really cool results, and this is a really fun module to play with – hopefully I’ll get the chance to play with it again at some point! šŸ™‚


DEMO 01 – Dual Audio Rate VCO

Patch DetailsĀ 

1 – Both outputs of STE.16 LFO sent into channels A & B of the WMD Multimode VCA
2 – Two Tiptop z4000 ADSRs were triggered in slightly varied rhythms, and used to envelope the two MMVCA channels
3 – Modulation was applied to the z4000s to add some variety
4 – A z8000 sequencer was used to control the frequency of both the STE.16 LFOs, and randomly reset, following a wonky gate sequence provided by the Korg SQ1
5 – The two LFOs were set to HI (audio) range, and tuned an octave apart
6 – During recording the various waveforms of both LFOs were manually tweaked, as were the internal modulation settings & amount (to start with FM was used, and towards the end AM was used)
7 – During the final part of the recording the Speed (pitch) of each LFO was manually tweaked.