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Rebel Technology MIX 01 in stock! plus PHOREO restock

Rebel Technology Matttech Modular 14.03.17

A new module from UK brand Rebel Technology has dropped – the MIX 01. This is a flexible mixer module with dedicated stereo headphone output, which can be expanded and utilised in a number of ways.

It is a 4 input, 2 output mixer which, according to Rebel Technology “delivers crystal clear, transparent audio as well as precise control voltage mixing”. It can be expanded via internal connections to form part of a more complex (matrix) mixing setup. It could also be used on its own in applications such as:

  • Mixing of 2 stereo signals, with controllable balance
  • Mixing of 4 mono signals with balance/pan controls per channel
  • Mixing of 4 mono signals, with an adjustable Aux Send per channel (for routing of any of the 4 signals to effects / processing, with independent control over the send level)
  • 4 input, 2 output Matrix Mixer

The headphone output is line level and AC coupled, with the main outputs being DC coupled to enable mixing of control voltages, gates and clocks


One of our all-time favourites, the PHOREO is back in stock! It is deceptively simple, yet turns any boring stream of clocks/ gates into complex and funky streams of triggers. It allows for 3 different simultaneous flavours of clock/trigger/gate manipulation: Pulse Width Modulation, Multiplication and Repetition. An awesomely-controllable burst generator can be achieved, with precise control – via both knobs and CV – over the burst length and beat-repeat resolution.

Some decidedly amateurish video footage of me playing with it can be found below (excuse the quality – I had been enjoying myself with a few beers beforehand. The first video’s sound gets pretty muffled for a while in the middle, but comes back near the end. I blame the cameraman! Despite all this, I have it on good authority that these appalling videos actually helped sell quite a few units of this little fella)

Sound on Sound also ran a review of the PHOREO recently, and rated it highly – see HERE