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Soulsby Oscitron – Two Gnarly Demos [matttech]

Oscitron Demo



These demos represent the range of sounds wrung out of the Soulsby Oscitron 8-bit wavetable VCO, over the course of the first few hours playing with the module, with little reference to the manual. Much fun was had!


DEMO 01 – Multiple Mangled Filters

This demo was an initial “feeling-out” process with the Oscitron, with intuitive patching employed without too much thought with regard to the end goals. Some drums and minor production was added to show how it works in that kind of context

Patch Details

1. Oscitron into Oakey Classic VCA, with z4000 ADSR into CV input of VCA
2. Basic patch set up from default sound on Oscitron, using Filter 3 (Bandpass) – Filter Normalization is set to OFF, allowing for more gnarly, distorted tones as the Resonance is increased. Which sound ace 🙂
3. A quick Maths patch was set up, with two slowly cycling LFOs – one to Filter Cutoff, one to Filter Resonance
4. Output attenuators on Maths were tweaked during recording to show the wide range of tones created by simply the filter settings

As the demo progresses, a different variation on the patch was used:

1. Filter mode 1 was used this time (Lowpass)
2. A randomly-triggered envelope was mixed with the output of a Turing Machine random voltage generator in a mixer, and applied to the Oscitron’s Filter Cutoff – with various mixes of the two modulation sources used at different points
3. At points only the LFO was used, and at other points the Turing Machine’s stepped voltages were employed instead
4. Another output from the Turing Machine was mixed with a slow LFO in Maths and applied to the Resonance CV input

For the final section, a third variation was used, with Filter mode 6 used this time (Parametric EQ 30db Gain)

This module can get GNARLY! – but in a really good way 🙂


DEMO 02 – Sidechained Savagery

 This demo gets a little more crazy. It started out as an attempt to show how the filter sounded like with Normalize turned ON (can sound a bit cleaner and more “pure”…relatively speaking!)…but it quickly dissolved into abstract noise territory, but in a good way 🙂 I decided to add some drums and production, just to give it some context.

Patch Details

1. Filter mode 7 was used this time (Parametric EQ 100db Gain), but with Normalize turned ON
2. The same mix of modulation sources was applied to both the Filter Cutoff and Resonance CV inputs
3. For all previous demos the Square Wave was used (default sound), but this time I switched to wave 2 (GREEN) which produced a much brighter, more distinct tone.
4. Various tweaking of the VCA’s Gain (offset) control was applied, to change the patch from droning to rhythmically-triggered…and many other controls were manipulated during the recording in order to smash the riff into oblivion.
5. Oscitron was sent via some sidechain compression and convolution reverb was automated on & off throughout the mix.