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Soulsby OSCITRON 8 bit Oscillator now in stock

Soulsby News 30.01.17

We were excited about this module as soon as we heard about it, having always been captivated by the crunchy 8-bit vibe of Paul Soulsby’s standalone synth – the Altmegatron

The new Eurorack counterpart – OSCITRON – is an 8-bit wavetable-based VCO, with a whole host of features: Quantizer, Portamento, Multimode Filter, Wavecrusher,  PWM, Phaser, and lo-fi External Wave Sampling

Having played with a demo unit, we can test to its characterful and gnarly sound..with sweet points galore!

In a similar way to the Altmegatron, alternative software/ firmware is planned which will turn the module into completely different beasts – the first of which will be the ODYTRON  analogue modelling software (available later this year). Overlays for the controls will also be produced – and can be clamped to the faceplate with the removable wooden panels, allowing for quick & easy switching between its various guises.